Prime Perspectives use a wide range of leading equipment to achieve stunning results.

Our productions are presented in full HD as standard (4K Available) and are typically delivered using online transfer or via a USB direct in any requested format.

We shoot on high range DSLR equipment on the ground. Using a variety of lenses, 21st-century sliders, tripods, and steady cam equipment to achieve crisp, modern cinematics and stunning visuals.

Our cost base is significantly less in comparison to using a helicopter, and it has been proven drones provide better production results. Due to our advanced motorized gimbals and cameras, we consider our vision extremely unique in comparison to traditional methods. As a flying camera platform, our fluid boom/crane/steady cam style aerial shots will save you valuable time and resources with a typical setup time of around 5 mins and a typical flight time of 20-30 minutes (per battery).

We have the ability and skill set to fly close range subjects for building inspections and into confined areas which aren’t accessible using traditional methods. Thanks to our relationship with the Civil Aviation Authority Australia (CASA), we have obtained special approvals that assist capturing our unique cinematics. These include the ability to operate at night, reduced distance operations (15m from personnel), and the ability to apply to operate within 5.5km of controlled aerodromes. 

When it comes to imagery in the sky, Prime Perspectives are completely Civil Aviation Safety Authority certified (ReOC 836335) and insured with $10M Public Liability Insurance. 

Prime Perspectives pride on abiding by the rules and regulations set by CASA and want safe skies for all. Hiring a certified and insured operation for your production is vital. By taking the risk of hiring an unqualified operator, when something goes wrong you and your business will be liable. 

To grasp accreditation copies, please contact us via email.

Our current main aircraft is the DJI inspire 1 professional. We also use Phantom Series DJI drones when the risk factor is increased. EG - when flying above water or in light rain, ect. The Inspire 1 Professional has HDMI output capabilities (perfect for higher production shoots), optional dual operators, 4K video (Flat S-LOG), interchangeable lenses (10mm & 40mm available), 17MP still images, and can fly up to 80km/h.

This aircraft has showcased stunning results on many major American TV shows, and has helped Prime Perspectives provide exceptional, game-changing footage on local commercial shoots for Tourism Tasmania, Southern Cross TV, Targa Australia, Real Estate, and many other mediums!