Sunset lovers around the world are frequently hunting the best sunset spots at each travel destination. In this post, we reccomend the best spots in the Launceston vicinity to catch a stunning scenic sunset.

The Batman Bridge

The Batman Bridge

25 minutes from Launceston. 

1. The Batman Bridge. Constructed in 1966 this 91m high bridge is an ideal location to watch the sun setting to the North-West down the Tamar River towards George Town. Typically lighting the sky in a warm pink in winter, don't be deterred from these colours... It's still freezing! The Batman Bridge is also a mecca for salmon fishing and sailing activity. Be cautious when standing by the stream as the current here is at one of his fastest points on the river.

Bradys Lookout Sunset on the Tamar River

Brady's Lookout

15 minutes from Launceston in the Tamar Valley

2. The beautiful Brady's Lookout is located just 15 minutes from the Launceston CBD and is home to a beautifully landscaped recreation area, BBQ, walk-out concrete lookout, and incredible view down the Tamar River. This view is much more expansive than the view looking towards Kayena at the Batman Bridge. To find this location, search 1876 W Tamar Hwy, Rosevears TAS 7277 in your GPS, Maps, or Google Maps on your smartphone.

Tamar Valley Sunset
High Street Lookout Launceston

Sandhill Lookout

4 Minutes from the Launceston CBD.

3. Just mintues from the Launceston CBD is a lookout on Talbot Road that is often dismissed by locals. The attached image is captured nearby to this location using our Inspire 1 Pro drone, but it shows a similar aspect you'll be viewing when visiting this location. This beautiful spot overlooking the Launceston city-scape can be found at 50 Talbot Rd, South Launceston TAS 7249.