Why advertise your business online?

We specialize in advertising your Tasmanian based business to Tasmanian consumers through online advertising.

Advertisers used to think TV was most effective way to reach their target audiences at scale. Now, their audiences are reaching for their phones. We’re living in a multi-screen, multi-platform world where one in three consumers presently say they’ve never had paid cable, free-to-air television,or no longer do. The bad news? The traditional way to reach consumers has gotten harder. The good news? There’s an easy way to reach these people through new mediums. We target to cord-cutters that no longer watch TV, and millennial cord-nevers: online video consumers.

Advertising online through YouTube and Facebook offers a comprehensive set of targeting techniques. It works very similar to advertising on prime-time TV lineups and it offers highly engaged audiences, guaranteed reach in certain countries, a strong mobile presence, but with MORE benefits, reporting data, and at a cheaper cost.

Think of television advertising as ‘throwing a piece of bait out on a hook and hoping something comes along and eats it’, with online advertising, the invention of ‘fishing lures’ in this analogy, we’re able to target/attract a specific species that jumps on your hook and brings home your supper!

The platforms in which we utilize are YouTube and Facebook. We find that our clients that have previously advertised on traditional broadcast television tend to opt for TrueView in-stream video ads, known as YouTube preroll commercials. YouTube overall, and even YouTube on mobile alone, reaches more 18-34 and 18-49 year-olds than any cable network in the United States, this translates to Australian behavior too. It makes sense to move to these new mediums to reach your consumers.

YouTube advertising tasmania
YouTube targeting options by customer intent and what they are actively researching.

YouTube targeting options by customer intent and what they are actively researching.

Who can we target?

Across Facebook and YouTube, we can advertise to a range of audiences that meet your criteria. Not only can we target locations down to the postcode and age demographics, but we can target by behaviors and by what your demographic is actively researching or planning. For instance, if you’re a real estate agent, we can target ages 24-60+ with an active intent to rent, buy, or renovate their home.

What is the cost?

Through our expertise we can narrow down a price of $0.02-$0.04 per view on a each TrueView YouTube ad. This is similar on Facebook. You only pay for a view when a consumer views longer than 30 seconds or clicks your call to action (EG - Book Now in the above example). Typically a campaign budget of $600.00 allows for us to split test target audiences to identify the most suitable demographic to target to. We charge a consultation fee to setup each campaign.

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Are you campaign ready?

Your objective is our objective.

A good campaign starts with an outstanding commercial. Prime Perspectives strategically script and produce 00:30 - 2:00 video commercials based on your marketing objectives. Wielding the fine art of storytelling, we’ve captivate your audience with your unique story utilizing a range of professional techniques gathered from our 7+ years industry experience.

  • Ground & CASA certified aerial cinematography

  • Motion graphics, titles, and special effects

  • Tamanian voice-over artists, actors, & presenters

  • Photography throughout your production ** optional **